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Increasingly, you can hear the smashing of teachers that people no longer read. But what's wrong with that? After all, people had learned at school and then at university. I read everything that is prescribed curriculum. So why even waste precious time reading books? The answer, like all brilliant, simple. Reading books - this development. The more you read, the more develops. And this development is not necessarily tied around your core business. Rather, you need to read the very opposite things. So you can not just talk about quantum mechanics, but also about the nature of art and the psychology and education of children, on the cultivation of roses and bake the most delicious cake in the world. Books give us the opportunity to learn and develop throughout his life. Being aware of the history and modern innovations. To be able to keep up the conversation in any society and not be in a "fool." Reading books - it's also a great simulator for the memory. Reading, you just have to keep in mind the nuances of the work. Who to whom and by whom the accounts, the arrangement of furniture in a room, landscape. Every detail in the product has value. Reading the book, you just make yourself better development and literacy. You start in a different way to treat others in general. You become kinder and more attentive.

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