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Reliability. It’s apparent. Our experience in editing and proofreading text is more than a decade. Since our inception, we have had more than 65K clients, whose trust we earned by delivering more than 210K papers of different content. Some request continuous orders, which means that they only trust us. Due to all those mentioned above, we can assure you 100% that our services are of high quality: we dare you to send us the most challenging paper.

Prestige. If you are happy with our work, we feel rewarded. Our staff has continuous training, and we frequently evaluate their writing and proofreading skills. For them, it doesn’t matter if your order is an academic paper or a manual; all of them have experience in relevant fields. Our platform requires that our editors possess an MS degree at least. Among our various experts, you will match the one that can solve your problem without any hustle. We trust that our professionals can solve your text-related issue with care.

Independence. Be free from any prejudice. Your needs for your work are unique; therefore, it is vital to have a productive dialogue with our team members. The expert will deliver a file highlighting everything: from changes to suggestions. Because of this, you will have an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

Safety. Three weeks after your approval of the documents, we erase your files. However, you change this term while putting an order. Until deletion, every file is stored securely and encrypted on our servers.

Trust. We are confident in our services, but we also make sure that our clients are satisfied at every stage of the work—this way, we build trust between you and us. You can have as many edits as you want. We don’t expect so, but if for some reason you are not happy with the appointed editor, you can ask for another one. Requesting another editor is free of charge, or you can even opt for a full refund.

Do you want facts rather than some fancy words? Select a “trial” option so that you can see the edited version of your text, but only 1 page. To do so, get in touch with customer support 24/7. In that one-hour timeframe, the editor will proofread your text while you will have time to browse our blog section and read more about us. Nobody has ever regretted working with us.

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«Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very;' your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.»

--Mark Twain


Rated 4.8/5


Steven, MD Student

star 5

I was very anxious about my first-ever thesis paper, as it happens with every student. I never regretted choosing the editing service. Since my thesis was longer than 40 pages, I appreciate my editor’s work and patience. Now, I am sure that my thesis is impeccable. I can’t thank you enough.


Chloe, Story writer

star 5

The appointed editor was an expert in her field and an even better person. She fascinated me with the result and made me confident with the delivered paper. She had a great interest in my stories, and her wishes showed her care. I will also proofread my next project at Bookmark-Editing.


Arnie, Store owner

star 5

Just intelligent. As a business owner, I constantly have new products and need help with social media posts. So far, so good. All the best wishes and customers to you.


Sarah, Journalism Student

star 5

I was informed that my paper was mediocre, to say the best at school. Not once but twice. To improve its quality, I looked for and found this platform. While editing the paper, I was also included in the process and felt great. Throughout the process, I learned the mistakes I made repeatedly. The piece I got had no errors but had comments, and the editor highlighted all changes. Never before seen such a good service. Keep up with your work!

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Your paper’s first impression is more important than you think. If you deliver your thoughts with clear words, your audience can see what you describe with your eyes. The editor of the services will complement your texts or where you lacked inspiration. Besides, with the editor’s help, you will have another pair of professional eyes to boost your writing.

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We have more than a decade of experience. Be sure that you will get the highest satisfaction with the quality of the product and the security of our platform. You can select the best payment method that suits you, as we have several options. All the transactions go through military-grade 128-bit SSL encryption. This encryption method prevents third parties from interfering. Your data has never been safer.

What do I pay for?

Your payment goes for immaculate grammar, consistency in your writing, compliance with the deadlines, new knowledge you get to learn with the editor, and non-stop support from our side. What you get for FREE are Title and Reference pages. You don’t pay a cent for them. Navigate through our site to learn about prices, promotions, and anything that we offer to new clients and past clients.